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Our aim is to make great games to entertain and empower wealth and happiness amongst our community, whilst giving something back to those that need some extra help!

Re-Evolution is an innovative new P2E game designed to bring power to the players. Progress is saved alongside your Planets so that you can build an asset as you play.

Gone are the days of yearly titles, valueless microtransactions, and pay-locked content.

Join by purchasing 1 of 5000 unique planets on the Solana Blockchain, each with different attributes and rarities – ready for you to develop your very own creations and commence your Re-Evolution journey,

Which planet will you get?

Titania (Jackie Bedford)
Head of Business & Finance

Titania has run multiple successful businesses and is our oracle of governance.

LinkedIn - Jackie-Bedford

Saturn (Dan Bedford)
Founder & Lead Developer

Re-Evolution is Saturn's brain child. As head of software engineering, Saturn brings a wealth of passion and experience in back-end and game development.

LinkedIn - Daniel-Bedford
Twitter - @saturn_rev

Head of Marketing & Community

Ariel, an expert in marketing and communications, is a guru of all things community.

Twitter - @ariel_reev

You will become the Supreme Ruler of your unique planet who creates and preserves all things, great and small.

As you guide your planet through time and evolution, your success as the Supreme Ruler will be determined by the happiness and wellbeing of your loyal –or not so-loyal – species that inhabit your domain.  

You will decide how your species evolve. creating ecosystems and civilisations to guide through the ages as your planet matures.  

Will you do a better job than we humans have done on Planet Earth?

- Concept development and plan ✔
- Design of Planet NFTs ✔
- Publish whitepaper ✔
- Commence development of NFTs in the Unity Game Engine ✔
- Website launch ✔
- Develop marketing strategy ✔
- Doxx founder team ✔
- Launch socials ✔
- Influencer marketing ✔
- Social media advertisements ✔
- Development of minting DApp ✔
- Announce token distribution ✔
- First mint phase of Planet NFTs ✔
- Opensea listing, Magic Eden verified listing ✔
- Continued phases of Planet NFT mints ✔
- Development of the Re-Evolution game ✔
- Launch Meridio token (used to test P2E) ✔
- Launch Re-Evolution Beta
- Launch Species collection (free mints for Planet holders)
- Publish $REV token white paper
- P2E token IDO and game launch (WL + Airdrop for holders)
- Tribal (Species) update beta
And Beyond!

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